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We Grow Food - Educational App Game Illustrations

This project is mainly about illustrating. The illustrations are used in an Educational App in a video game style, geared at teaching young kids about how to build a garden. The We Grow Food client wanted some method to engage, entertain and teach kids in school how to build a garden. I decided, that the most entertaining way to achieve this is though an educational video game. 


To come up with a concept for an educational application to engage, entertain and teach building a garden with a target kid audience between the ages 3 - 6. In addition to creating the concept, to illustrate all nneded assets for the educational videoa game and doing initial coding to show the client how the assets are to be used.


After an intial client briefing, the idea of an educational video game on building a garden was pitched to the client group. On getting the green light and recieving the pertinent information of what the game needed to teach the kids was recieved. Initial sketches were drawn of each screen, and functionality and proposed interactivity was drawn up.

In addition to creating all of the illustrations for the game, to ensure that the client had a good idea of how the game was to be played, I also did, some initial coding of the game as a demonstration.


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