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Social Media Content Production

This section shows various social media content created for various purposes

This Video was created as social media content for the Sugar Dust Bakery.


The Sugar Dust Bakery is a local bakery shop operating out of Walton Street in Port Hope. Currently they have over 1000 Instagram followers and 1200 Facebook page likes. Currently they are posting visually appealing photo only content around 5 times for the week on average, however they do not ever use emojis. I would suggest that they start using a mix of strategies of Including videos, emojis and more content focused on engaging with their audience to encourage them to respond/ answer questions or tag photos.

I believe that these posts will be effective to encourage engagement because it is interacting with the audience, drawing them in with a contest and to the company website. It also uses a custom hashtag for the contest, and it encourages comments to this post in the form of images which can be linked back to the Sugar Dust Bakery. The use of emojis, makes things light and fun, which is necessary for social media posts. The image used is clean and crisp, and the eyes in the image will draw in people to look at it. The model’s quirky smile and cookie eating, should bring up feelings of nostalgia or desire to partake in the contest. 

Also, the Sugar Dust Bakery, is a local shop and should capitalize on the #shoplocal trend as well as a Northumberland location hashtag.


To create social media posts image/ motion graphics to help promote Shale Ridge Winery

 (The Brand Story) - Represented by an orchard - illustrated graphic

(The Product) - Represented by an image of the Hard Cider can

(To Build Brand Awareness) - Represented by the Shale Ridge Logo.

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